For tyre wear on late model D-Max, MU-X and BT-50

SuperPro says late model Isuzu D-Max, MU-X, and Mazda BT-50s are commonly known to suffer from bump steer issues resulting in excess tyre wear.
The issue presents itself in standard height vehicles and becomes more prominent as you lift them or add additional weight, like accessories.
Prior to now, regular wheel alignments were the only tool available to owners to mitigate some of the excess tyre wear.
Now, SuperPro says it has developed a world-first solution for the D-Max, MU-X, and BT-50, that when fitted to a standard height vehicle, reduces bump steer almost entirely.
The new Steering Knuckle (TRC6680) bolts straight into the original mounting points in the vehicle and has been e-coated for the ultimate corrosion protection.

Why is bump steer an issue?
Bump steer is the change in toe in or toe out as the ride height of a vehicle changes. This occurs constantly while driving as a vehicle oscillates over bumps in the road.
This movement is amplified by increased weight from towing, heavy loads, accessories, or when a suspension lift is fitted. An excessive amount of bump steer is known to cause premature tyre wear.

How does the SuperPro steering knuckle help?
The SuperPro steering knuckle relocates the outer tie-rod pickup point to better optimise the steering geometry of the vehicle to reduce the amount of bump-steer at a range of ride heights.
When fitted to a lifted vehicle, the steering knuckle reduces overall bump steer by around 75 percent. SuperPro says this figure is reduced by a further 10-15 percent when combined with fixed upper control arms.
When the knuckles are installed in a standard-height vehicle, bump steer is reduced to almost zero.
“We’ve seen a drastic improvement in the vehicles we’ve test-fitted the steering knuckle to,” Fulcrum Suspensions Capalaba Store Manager, Michael Sargent, said.
“To say word spreads quickly is an understatement. We’ve got a backlog of people who want them fitted to their D-Max, yesterday.
“Now that the product has been officially released, we can get those customers booked in and get the bump steer problems they’ve been having, fixed.
“I think people are fully aware how much the excess tyre wear is costing them every year and they want it fixed as soon as they can, especially with the pressure on a lot of households at the moment with general costs of living increasing.”
The SuperPro steering knuckle is available now through and local stockists.
Professional fitment at a suspension service centre is advised.

For further information, visit or call 1300 360 922.