The range was developed for 4WDs pushed to their GVM and axle loading limit when towing or loaded with essential off-road gear

After having released its range of GVM Upgrade Kits throughout 2021 and 2022, Terrain Tamer has now expanded the range to include a Fortified Parabolic Spring version of its kit for the popular Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79 model.
The Gross Vehicle Mass, or GVM, is a rating set by the original manufacturer, referring to the legal maximum weight of the vehicle.
This includes the wheels, as well as everything sitting atop, from the vehicle itself to added accessories, fuel, people, water, food, and the dog.
Built into the GVM is also the imparted Tow Ball Mass when towing, and a Rated Axle Capacity, a limit set for how much weight should be distributed to each axle.
Terrain Tamer developed its range of GVM upgrade solutions for popular 4WD models that are often pushed to their GVM and axle loading limit when towing or loaded with essential off-road gear.
From late 2016, changes and upgrades were made to the design of the VDJ78/79 Landcruiser front diff housing, leading to the vehicle’s GVM being re-rated, and requiring a new upgrade solution.
Terrain Tamer says it has been able to address this, releasing a new kit specifically for these newer models, which includes a set of Fortified rear Parabolic Springs, and facilitating a more than 400kg increase from the original rating of 3300kg (dual cab) or 3510kg (single cab) to reach 3950kg, including a rear axle increase of 120kg from 2300kg to 2420kg.
This kit can be fitted both pre and post registration to new models, and adds to the existing two kit options available for 78/79 models made prior to the changes, the first utilising Terrain Tamer’s anti-friction leaf springs, and the second offering the alternative of Extra Heavy Duty Parabolic Springs, and offering an increase from the original rating of 3300kg (dual cab) or 3400kg (single cab) to either 3950kg or a more modest 3780kg.
Consisting of exclusive Terrain Tamer suspension components, all of these kits have been thoroughly tested and analysed by Multidrive Technology to reach Secondary Stage Manufacturers approval and can be installed on existing registered vehicles at approved workshops, and following state level modification processes.
Terrain Tamer’s GVM Upgrade Kits range expansion is the latest update to its popular Suspension portfolio, which includes a OE replacement range of shocks, springs and bushes, Stabiliser Bars, Smart Coil Springs, Pro Shock Absorbers, Upper Control Arms and Parabolic Springs. 
Australian 4WD parts brand Terrain Tamer was established in Melbourne in 1969 by Founder Frank Hutchinson, with its origin found in supplying 4WD parts to tour operators who took tourists through rough, uncharted terrain in the Australian outback, to destinations such as Uluru.
The company now boasts a product range of over 60,000 unique part numbers, essentially formed by parts that will keep a 4WD running, right through the Gearbox, transfer case, CV joints, filters, suspension, bearing kits, brake, clutch and thousands of other parts.
Terrain Tamer’s GVM upgrades are available now.

For more information, visit www.terraintamer.com