CoolDrive says it ensures complete Australasian car parc coverage access in its product range

Widely respected as a supplier of leading tools and equipment, CoolDrive also prides itself on offering technical resources and training sessions, supported by one of the most experienced teams in the industry.
“At CoolDrive, we very much understand the challenges facing workshops today when it comes to technological advances within modern vehicles,” CoolDrive Auto Parts Category Manager – Tools and Equipment, Matthew Douglass, said.
“We want to remove any complexity around new technologies and have set ourselves a mission to become a leader in the growing diagnostics sector, working in conjunction with market-leading suppliers.
“We recognise how time-challenged workshop technicians can be, sometimes working off limited information and many times having to rely on their own intuition to determine the correct course of action.
“This is where diagnostics can assist, providing essential information about how systems work together and why certain problems occur in different areas of a vehicle. By utilising diagnostics, technicians can focus on what they need to do through the elimination of unnecessary work, to minimise downtime and ultimately deliver improved customer satisfaction.”
CoolDrive says its diagnostics range is extensive, with all manner of software, scan tools and complementary equipment available.
It says an essential for workshops is the Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online, enabling faster, more efficient and more effective maintenance, service and repairs than ever before.
Featuring the ESI[tronic] 2.0 software are the state-of-the-art Bosch KTS 250, 560 and 590 multifunctional testers, fitted with all the necessary tools for step-by-step fault diagnostics.
A leading benefit of the ESI[tronic] 2.0 software – and featured on the KTS scan tools – is Bosch’s Secure Diagnostics Access which is a centralised, integrated and standardised function providing access to secure vehicle data from participating vehicle manufacturers.
CoolDrive says it ensures complete Australasian car parc coverage access in its product range with further diagnostic scan tools available from brands such as FCAR, Launch, Autel, Car-Daq and Jal-Test.
CoolData is CoolDrive’s technical resource platform which enables workshops to diagnose, maintain and repair vehicles and trucks with technical drawings, a unique electronics data module including wiring diagrams and guided tests, and intelligent diagnostics.
Some of the many benefits of CoolData include detailed step-by-step maintenance instructions, estimated repair times and guided diagnostics to help a workshop boost productivity and improve workflow.
Also available through CoolDrive are the GYS Flash Battery Support Units (BSUs) which keep modern vehicle lead-acid and lithium batteries at a perfectly stabilised voltage through dedicated charging curves, providing energy for when the engine is turned off, which is critical for any diagnostics and ADAS calibration work.
In a further example of its response to the changing nature of the automotive landscape, CoolDrive also hosts specialised training events across the country, with its experienced team consisting of automotive industry trainers, trade teachers, dealership technicians and partnerships with industry associations.
“As a trusted partner to workshops, CoolDrive understands the importance of training and staying up to date with ever-changing vehicle technology,” Matthew said.
“Our comprehensive training sessions cover all manner of topics, with the over-arching aim to ensure CoolDrive customers have the tools to properly service and repair modern vehicles and are also equipped with the knowledge and hands-on experience of new and emerging technologies.”
For the first time, members of CoolDrive’s technical training team will also be supporting the Technical Training Program at Autocare in June.
Clint Flower will be running sessions focusing on pass thru technology and the importance of using an oscilloscope when working with vehicles, while Ken Fendle will discuss vehicle communication protocols and fault testing to help attendees accurately diagnose and interpret vehicle faults.
The Technical Training Program sessions are free for all attendees at Autocare.

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