Cleaning wipes so good, Burg Design offers a money back guarantee

Burg Design says the international award winning RIDOF natural waterless cleaning wipes are considered by many to be the best performing and most versatile workshop cleaning wipes ever developed, as they are gentle on your skin and safe for all types of hard and soft surfaces .
It says RIDOF wipes very effectively remove all types of nasty gunk from hands, tools and equipment as well as both hard and soft surfaces, making them perfect for Service Departments, Car Detailing and numerous other applications.
Unlike most other hand cleaners, Burg Design explains that RIDOF natural wipes do not contain any harmful and often toxic petrochemicals.
It says they very quickly leave your hands smelling clean and fresh without the down time and the mess of splattered hand cleaner and paper towels all over the washroom floor.
RIDOF cloth wipes are available in a convenient range of sizes to suit every type of workshop such as Vehicle Dealerships, Mobile Service Vehicles, Machine Shops, Panel Shops, Tyre Stores, Motor Racing, Manufacturing and more.
Burg Design says that RIDOF wipes have become “the number one choice of numerous industries,” stating they are used daily in Australia by more than 25 different industries such as Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Military, Agriculture, Painting, Locksmiths, Printing, Commercial Cleaning Services and more.
In fact, Burg Design is so confident in its RIDOF wipes that is states they will be “the best cleaning wipes you will ever use, or your money back!”
The wipes are available from Burg Design and also CoolDrive Auto Parts.

For more information, contact Burg Design 03 9555 9277 or or visit