The performance is in the details

Xtreme Outback is constantly engineering heavy duty clutch solutions for 4x4s from around the world.
As a division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Outback products are sold throughout Australia via an extensive nationwide distribution network but are also exported to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand and the United States.
With such a large product range being required to cover so many different vehicle applications, the ACS engineering team are regularly reviewing vehicle applications and existing listings to ensure maximum market coverage.
With an in-house research and development facility based in its Adelaide headquarters, ACS says it is able to accurately measure a wide variety of clutch performance parameters.
“When we go to develop a new heavy duty clutch kit, we are looking to provide as much torque holding capability whilst also minimising any negative changes to the driveability,” ACS Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.
“We measure clamping force, bearing load and release characteristics to try and provide the best balance possible for that particular clutch setup. Every clutch is going to be different, so it is critical to analyse each application to ensure our products meet the quality, performance and reliability we know our customers around the world demand.”
Xtreme Outback says it recognises that with constantly changing clutch technology, it is important to keep up with the latest OE products and ensure any performance upgrades are designed and developed accordingly.
“As new vehicles continue to evolve in clutch technology, we are having to change our product development to suit each specific application,” Stewart said.
“For example, when looking at vehicles that are fitted with dual-mass flywheels, we review that vehicle and develop a performance upgrade that is most suitable. In some cases, this means we can develop a single-mass flywheel conversion whilst in others that are more susceptible to increased noise and vibration, we are now producing heavy duty upgrades that can be installed onto the dual-mass flywheel.”
Another focus is offering a range of options to tailor a performance clutch solution to a specific vehicle use.
“It is rare for us to just offer one upgrade kit for a vehicle. We will normally offer a variety of solutions including different friction disc materials and pressure plates to ensure the customer can select a clutch that is most suited to their driving and vehicle modifications,” Stewart said.
“There is no point putting a performance clutch solution designed for motorsport use in a daily driven tow vehicle with limited performance modifications, so our range has been carefully developed to try and offer staged alternatives for our customers around the world.”

For more information, visit www.xtremeoutback.com.au or call 1800 CLUTCH.