For over 1000 applications

Adrad says it has recently extended its range of high-quality cabin air filters from recognised brands such as Adair, Fram, Mann Filter and Valeo.
The range reportedly suits more than 1000 applications including passenger cars, 4x4s and commercial vehicles.
With spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to stock up on quality cabin filters and auto air products.
Effective air conditioning during the hot months is essential and every customer will want to know how to keep the cool air coming.
In particular, replacing the cabin filter can do wonders for the in-cabin experience, ensuring that passengers can breathe easy and avoid experiencing discomfort from airborne allergens.
A dirty or clogged filter can restrict the HVAC system, placing unnecessary load on the blower motor and resulting in poor air flow and cooling performance.
If the cabin filter is missing or damaged, dust, mould spores and pollen can circulate through the air and make for an uncomfortable ride, especially in warm weather or if you suffer from respiratory conditions.
Adrad explains that replacing the cabin air filter before summer will help get rid of any debris and prepare the vehicle for the warm months ahead.
Cabin air filters should be replaced regularly and are an opportunity to add extra sales while looking after your customers.
Adrad says it has the largest range of aftermarket engine cooling and auto air parts with Australia-wide distribution and national warranty support.
The range includes service parts, workshop equipment and cleaning products and continues to grow with around 3,500 new products added over the past year.
Adrad states that its aftermarket parts meet or exceed OE specifications, and with the company’s accreditation to ISO9001-2015, it says you can be confident that Adrad-supplied parts are quality products.

For more information on Adrad’s extensive product range, call its customer service team on 1800 882 043.