FUCHS is ready to assist you in consolidating workshop inventory without compromising on quality

With the ever-increasing size and complexity of the Australian car parc, it is becoming more and more difficult for workshops to ensure they are equipped with the right lubricants to best serve customers. 
FUCHS explains that its core automotive workshop lubricant range, known as the Magnificent Seven, has been expertly designed to address this issue, which FUCHS states is a key reason why its products continue to be first choice for workshops.
Featuring FUCHS’ high level of OEM approvals and advanced technology, the Magnificent Seven range allows workshops to consolidate their lubricant stocking levels whilst reducing working capital through its broad application coverage, which includes the following:

Engine Oils
• TITAN GT1 FLEX C23 5W-30 – covers ACEA C2/C3 requirements in one product and covers many Toyota Landcruisers, Prado, HiAce, RAV4 and Hilux as well as Petrol SP spec (Product Code: 5080).
• TITAN FORMULA SP SEM 10W-40 – a semi synthetic multi-purpose engine oil suitable for both petrol and diesel vehicles (Product Code: 5085).
• TITAN SUPERSYN F ECO-DT 5W-30 – ideal for many Ford Rangers, as well as a broad range of Hyundai and Kia vehicles. Also covers ACEA A5/B5 (Product Code: 4496).
• TITAN GT1 PRO C-3 5W-30 – offers a strong coverage across the Audi and VW car parcs with OEM approvals including VW 504.00 and 507.00.  Also covers the Petrol SN spec (Product Code: 3943).

Transmission Oils
• TITAN ATF 4400 – suitable for approximately 8.6 million cars across Australia and New Zealand, including a large selection of American and European models as well as Japanese step type transmissions (Product Code: 4935).
• TITAN ATF 6400 – provides strong coverage across many current generation American and Japanese vehicle applications with OEM approval for Mercon LV (Ford) and Dexron CI (GM) (Product Code: 4932).

Gear Oil
• TITAN SUPERGEAR LS 80W-90 – extensive car parc coverage for both transaxle and limited slip requirements and negates the need to carry standard 80W-90 gear oil (Product Code: 2137).
By investing in the Magnificent Seven range, which is also expertly supported by the new FUCHS small pack range, FUCHS says workshops can be assured their customers are receiving the highest performance and reliability for their vehicles, whilst at the same time, saving money and workshop floorspace.

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