Goss encourages you to ask for its products by name

Imagine this – the workshop doors open first thing Monday, you spot the D40 tow-in that arrived Sunday afternoon while you greet your scheduled customers. The mix of service work and repairs ahead is looking busy, and your technicians haven’t yet uncovered the mysteries this mix of vehicles is sure to present before 10.00am.
As vehicle repairers it is all part of the day ahead, to manage the time it takes to diagnose, order parts, complete the repairs, and all while working within your customer’s own busy schedule. That’s why it’s so important to have a supply of quality parts that won’t let you down, and a brand you can ask for by name, knowing it’s a true genuine alternative.
Goss says it is a leading provider of Genuine Alternative aftermarket and Original Equipment Supplier (OES) parts. With over 75 years sourcing and developing the world’s leading OES and aftermarket parts behind it, Goss says it prides itself on offering workshops the Genuine Alternative.
“Workshops choose Goss because we pursue high-quality alternatives, putting our products through the ringer in high-tech testing labs. The result is long-lasting products and a warranty you can rely on,” Innovative Mechatronics Group Product Administrator, Tony De Marco, said.
Let’s get into the repairs ahead, and the CX5 with GDI is running rough, with a P0302 and a P0171 logged in the ECM.
“Just like our customers are feeling the pinch of high fuel prices, when it comes to fuel systems repairs, it pays to do the job once and do it right,” Tony said.
Upon inspection, injector two is caked and blocked with carbon, it is time to replace. Goss supplies both GDI and CRD injectors including the consumable seal kits required during replacement.
“The range of new aftermarket (OES) petrol fuel injectors meet or exceed OEM standards and are the ultimate direct replacement injector solution,” Tony said.
“CRD injectors are available as a Genuine (OEM) product. These units allow complete confidence when replaced, as they perform to exact standards as the original units. So that’s an easy order – you can ask for Goss injectors by name, knowing there is a comprehensive range of injectors, and have peace of mind in the fitment and performance.”
While you are there, it is worth testing the fuel rail pressure sensor (FRPS). As a key component on any direct injection engine, it is responsible for signalling the correct rail values to the vehicles engine control module (ECM) to maintain pressure for a given operating condition. The ECM is then able to accurately make adjustments to the fuel delivery, fuel injector pulse width and injection timing, to maintain peak performance while maintaining economical operation.

When diagnosing, if all checks prove the sensor is at fault, there is no longer a requirement to replace the entire fuel rail assembly as required by most OE manufacturers, says Goss.
“In most cases this would require the replacement of all single use injector pipes as well. The Goss alternative means you can just replace a faulty pressure sensor without the need for also changing ancillary components. This option not only saves money due to unwarranted parts replacement, but also saves technicians valuable time – meaning the vehicle can be back on the road sooner,” Tony said.
“While tackling the fuel system, you will also be testing the coils, so keep in mind Goss has over 95 percent of the vehicle parc covered, with an extensive range of ignition coils.”
Now it is time to tackle the D40 diesel that came in on the tow truck. Goss says it has an expanding range of parts, including some of the most common replacement components needed by vehicle repairers, including oil coolers, DEF heaters (Diesel Exhaust Fluid), EGR valve assemblies, VGT and Wastegate actuators, FRP sensors (Fuel Rail Pressure), Intake air valve assemblies (Throttle bodies), EGT sensors (Exhaust Gas Temperature), DPS sensors (Differential pressure sensors – Diesel particulate filter), and EGR Coolers.
With EGR coolers being a hot topic, especially on the D40, Goss has a range of improved units, with internal tubes manufactured from stainless steel for longevity and TIG welded to laser cut plates – isolating the coolant from the exhaust.
“This new design cools the exhaust gases more efficiently than the original design while helping to prevent a build-up of carbon that would usually diminish the effectiveness of the system,” Tony said.
Common leak areas have been fitted with an upgraded collar providing additional strength resisting metal fatigue and breakage. Goss aftermarket coolers are supplied with fitment gaskets where necessary, are heat, stress, pressure and resonance tested to meet or exceed OE specifications and offer substantial cost efficiencies to the aftermarket.
“With your part orders placed and the repairs well underway, Tuesday planning starts and the Genuine Alternative from Goss will be there to support you,” Tony said.

To find your nearest Goss stockist or for product details, catalogues, technical documents, news, and other important information, visit www.goss.com.au