Morey Oil says it is the lubrication specialist

4WD and AWD vehicles have now become extremely popular vehicles among many, be it for the height, stability, towing, adventure or for the extreme four-wheel driver.
These vehicles, compared to regular cars on the road, have more serviceable areas including front and rear differentials plus the transfer case, which means more oils and more oil seals. Morey Oil says its Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer (HDOS) is suited for use in all these oils.
Morey Oil states its HDOS will keep the oil “Newer for Longer,” maintaining oil pressure in the engine, rejuvenating seals in the differentials and transfer case, maintaining smoother gear changes in both automatic and manual gear boxes, preventing metal to metal contact on gears in differentials, reducing wear and delivering smoother operating power steering units.
Basically, where there is an oil, Morey Oil says you should add Morey’s HDOS to it for the ultimate protection.
When it comes to grease lubrication, Morey Oil asserts that some standard greases – even some of the quality greases – are just not good enough.
It says if you are doing any sort of four-wheel driving especially where beaches, creek crossings, dirty dusty roads, mud and slush or the extreme of everything are involved, then only a high-quality grease will do the job.
Grease contamination can be a very costly expense, that can be prevented. But even if the vehicle has an underbody wash after four-wheel driving, if the contamination has already penetrated the grease, or the grease has been displaced, the damage has already begun, warns Morey Oil.
It says Morey’s BigFoot Fire Orange Grease is the answer. With its very sticky/tacky nature, it says BigFoot grease will prevent this from happening and even in the toughest conditions of water-dirt-mud, this grease “stays in place.”
Morey Oil says this is the grease that everyone is talking about; a superior quality lithium complex grease used in a large variety of industries.

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