The leading aftermarket company is expanding its motorsport involvement in 2022

MEYLE has a long-running connection to motorsport and that is no surprise, given that it plays a key role in the company’s product development.
The Hamburg manufacturer was delighted to announce the continuation of its sponsorship and technical cooperation partnership with T3 Motorsport for a fourth season recently, alongside its ongoing support as technical partner and parts supplier for the SL Trucksport 30 teams, and engineering and parts support to Christian Riedemann in the German Rally Championship.
In addition to T3 Motorsport lining up in the ADAC GT Masters, the Dresden racing team is also taking part in the DTM Trophy for the first time in an Audi R8 LMS GT4 where it will benefit from MEYLE’s engineering expertise.
Another special highlight for MEYLE in 2022 is its continued support of the junior team in the Opel e-Rally for yet another season, with this rally demonstrating that motorsport and sustainability can go hand in hand.
“These motorsport partnerships play a key role in our product development, in particular as a test ground under real-life conditions. The MEYLE engineers draw on the knowledge gained in motorsport to test and optimise parts such as MEYLE ORIGINAL wheel bearings or steering components under extreme conditions,” MEYLE Global Sponsorship Manager, Isabel Boscaro, said.

“With the T3 Motorsport team, we are fielding a Lamborghini Huracán Evo GT3 in the ADAC GT Masters. What is new this year is that in addition to Max Paul, who joined Lamborghini’s junior programme last year, we have got a Lamborghini factory driver alongside us this season and we’re all hoping to be up front this year.
“In truck racing, our more than 15 MEYLE parts installed in Sascha Lenz’s race truck are used successfully. He is in second place in the championship and is persistently trying to build on last year’s success again this year. The first two race weekends have started very well for Sascha, who has already managed to score a few podium finishes.
“The e-Rally boys have only driven two races this year, so we will have to wait and see how the season develops. The Opel Corsa-e is ready for a ‘green season’ and the duo already managed to finish at top position at the second race, finishing seventh once and sixth once and hopes to do so in the rest of the season as well.
“For Christian Riedemann himself, the first race weekend this season got off to an outstanding start in his new Hyundai i20N Rally2. He finished second twice during the weekend and is now looking forward to the next races with high motivation.”

With such a wide-ranging motorsport partnerships portfolio, the aftermarket industry can rest assured MEYLE’s products have been through the testing ringer.
“We test our parts in motorsport and prove our manufacturing competence by ensuring that our parts withstand the heavy stress on the racetrack,” Isabel said.
“We are currently developing a brake pad for the Lamborghini Huracán Evo GT3, with the aim of gaining an advantage in qualifying through a modified material compound. After the successful testing on the racetrack, the new brake pad will also be included in the standard product range.
“Our MEYLE parts have been used successfully in truck racing for years, and Sascha Lenz has installed more than 15 MEYLE parts in his truck that withstand the heavy conditions in truck racing.
“Other teams also receive support from us in the form of brake discs that excellently withstand the extreme braking conditions at the races. All of this testing and the subsequent ability of our products to withstand the tough conditions on the racetrack are additional proof points for the durability of our spare parts.”
MEYLE AG develops, produces, and sells high-quality spare parts for passenger cars, vans and trucks for the independent aftermarket under the MEYLE brand.
“With our three product ranges – MEYLE ORIGINAL, MEYLE PD and MEYLE HD – MEYLE offers precise solutions and parts for every situation and every driver, from competent workshop employees and ambitious rally drivers to classic car enthusiasts and every driver around the world who needs to be able to rely on their own car,” Isabel said.
“We offer more than 24,000 reliable and durable spare parts manufactured in their own plants and at the facilities of select production partners and the MEYLE product portfolio is correspondingly sophisticated.
“We have more than 1,000 employees worldwide, including nearly 500 in Hamburg at the logistics centre and our company headquarters.
“We are proud to work with our partners, workshops and car mechanics in 120 countries to ensure that drivers can rely on our superior parts and solutions – and that’s how we help workshops to become the ‘DRIVER’S BEST FRIEND.’”

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