Designed to protect against engine wear, carbon build-up and high fuel costs

Morey’s Oil says untreated vehicles, whether that be in the fuel system or the lubricating oils throughout, can be subject to damage or higher running costs.
It states that servicing these vehicles with a high quality product like Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer will help make for a smoother running and more efficient vehicle.
Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer reportedly reduces friction wear, keeps the oil at its peak performance for longer, reduces oil burn and sludge build up, reduces heat, results in cleaner bearings, rejuvenates seals and reduces noise.
Morey’s Oil says this is also the case when using Morey’s Upper Cylinder Lubricant (in unleaded vehicles) and its Diesel Smoke Killer (in diesel vehicles).
It states these fuel conditioners will help with removing the carbon build up in the fuel system, cleaning injectors, lubricating moving parts and maintaining a more efficient fuel burn.
Morey’s Oil explains that with a fuel system running cleaner, there will be less carbon that goes into the DPF filters, prolonging its life.
Morey Oil says its HDOS, UCL and DSK products are safe to use in vehicles either new or old, keeping new cars newer for longer and keeping the older vehicles running.
For diesel vehicles Morey’s Oil says it is safe to use its HDOS, DSK and UCL, with no issues with common rail or DPF units.
Morey’s Upper Cylinder Lubricant is not suitable for use in vehicles running E85 fuel.
Morey’s Oil encourages you to service and keep your customer base happy with a complete service with Morey Oil products, helping reduce the cost of major breakdowns.
Morey’s Oil says its Founder, Clinton Morey, has successfully developed and marketed Oil Stabilizers since 1949. Morey’s Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer has continued, even after the passing of Clinton Morey, still with no formula change and now more than 70 years on.
Whether it be for the Automotive industry, 4WD industry, trucking, farming or mining, Morey’s Oil says it will have a high quality lubrication product to suit your needs.

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