The Australian owned and operated company has launched its new 6 in 1 Ultimate Fuel Stabiliser

Penrite Oil is a 100 percent Australian family owned and operated business and has been producing world class products for over 95 years.
With the cost of fuel increasing to its highest levels ever, Penrite has launched its new 6 in 1 Ultimate Fuel Stabiliser that keeps fuel fresh for up to 12 months.
The New Penrite Ultimate Fuel Stabiliser can be used in both petrol and diesel fuels in passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, motorcycles, marine equipment, agricultural machinery, generators or anywhere where fuel is in storage and not being used.
It can be used in premium and standard octane unleaded petrol, E10, diesel, bio-diesel, ULSD and in pre-mixed two stroke fuels.
When used at the correct dosage, Penrite says it will provide up to 12 months extended life for fuels preventing them from going stale and having to be discarded.
It also contains detergents to maintain the cleanliness of the fuel system preventing gum, deposits and polymers from forming in the fuel as well as protecting the fuel system from rust and corrosion. This extends the life of fuel pumps, injectors and exhaust catalysts.
One x 200ml bottle treats up to 200 litres of fuel, making it extremely economical to use compared with discarding old or stale fuel.

Product Benefits
• Prevents both Petrol and Diesel fuel from going stale for up to 12 months
• Prevents gum, sediments, and polymer formations in the fuel
• Protects fuel systems against rust and corrosion
• Contains detergents to clean and maintain the fuel system
• Extends the life of fuel injectors, pumps, and exhaust catalysts
• Inhibits the tendency of Biodiesel to react with oxygen, thereby prolonging its shelf life

Fast approaching 100 years of Australian production, Penrite says it continues to invest into the future for future Australians and continues to lead the way in lubricant manufacturing in Australia.
Whether it be the latest specification product, packaging innovation or cleaner and more sustainable manufacturing, Penrite says it is the innovator that other companies follow.

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