The brand has introduced a new range of catch cans and pinless HD clamps

Vibrant Performance, which recently opened a new warehouse in Sydney to service the Australian market, has introduced a number of new products to the market, including new catch cans and HD clamps.

Vibrant Performance Gen3 Catch Cans
The new and improved third generation Catch Can program offers something for every vehicle, making it easy to assemble a truly custom and fully modular set up for any application, says Vibrant Performance.
Whether your set up requires a small (0.75L), medium (1.5L) or large (2.0L) Catch Can, Vibrant Performance says it has got you covered.
If you need to go even larger, the company says its bespoke catch can program allows users to assemble a customised dual can assembly that can provide up to a 4.0L total capacity.
Available in your choice of two-port or four-port thread-on lid; the four-port configuration provides users the ability to recirculate the filtered air (closed-loop set-up), while the two-port version features an integrated Stainless Steel vent, eliminating the need for an external breather filter for venting to the atmosphere.

Vibrant Performance Pinless HD Clamps
Vibrant Performance says it is proud to introduce its highly anticipated new HD Clamp program.
The new HD Clamp design replaces the old quick release pin with an integrated clasp mechanism and safety lock push-button.
The safety lock provides an extra level of security to ensure the clamp is never unintentionally opened.
The Pinless HD Clamp is now a single unit, eliminating the risk of parts being misplaced or lost. A hinge spring has been added to keep the clamp in a sprung closed position.
Vibrant Performance says this makes installing the clamp easy due to the clamp naturally aligning itself to close onto the union sleeve.
In addition, the design is completely backwards compatible with any existing HD system.
Vibrant Performance explains that this clamp has been designed to provide a positive feedback and audible click, which lets the user know the clamp is secured and closed.
All HD Clamps are CNC machined from 6061 Billet Aluminium and are available in a variety of sizes for Aluminium, Stainless-Steel, or Titanium Charge tube.

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