Reversing a caravan or trailer has always been a safety problem but now there is a new reversing sensor system that has been specifically developed by PARKSAFE for fast and easy installation onto small and large trailers and caravans
PARKSAFE says the problem with installing reversing sensors on trailers has been the impossibility of running the four sensor cables from the towing vehicle cabin to the rear of the trailer.
It states that the new PARKSAFE reversing system has “100 percent solved the installation problems by developing a high-performance wireless system with a long, up to 30 metres, transmission range, so no cables are needed to be run from the driver’s cabin to the rear of the trailer, thus making installation fast and easy.”
PARKSAFE says its new system has been thoroughly tested and proven in Australian conditions and is “fit for purpose,” and offers the following features and benefits:
• Fast and easy installation
• No cables between the ECU and the cabin display
• Long range wireless transmission
• Object detection range of 0.3-2.6 metre
• Water dust proof ECU and sensors
• Display also shows Battery Voltage at start-up
• DC power connections of 10-30 Volts 

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