RYCO highlights the importance of this replacement part

In only 10 minutes, 12,500 litres of air can pass through a car’s air filter.
In a country like Australia that is considered a harsh, fine dust environment, that is a lot of dirt that could potentially get through your engine by using an ill-equipped filter.
Unlike fuel or oil, air is the only substance in a vehicle that is not required to meet quality standards, because an environment cannot be controlled. This means that the role played by the air filter is an extremely important one.
It serves as a good reminder that if you don’t want an engine choking on whatever’s floating in the atmosphere, the first line of defence against this dark entity is the engine’s air filter.
RYCO offers its Air Filters as an example, explaining that some RYCO Air Filters can trap dirt that is up to 0.3 microns. For comparison, a human hair is 70 microns.
Without investigating with a microscope, the naked eye would not be able to detect all the dirt these air filters capture.
It could be hard to gauge the difference between RYCO Air Filters and other competitors, but RYCO says it is these microscopic differences that will create a long-lasting effect on a vehicle.
For many customers, these filters may look identical, with the same size boxes lining the shelves. However, not all filters are created equal.
RYCO states that the testing, development, and performance specifications that its team strives towards is what sets RYCO apart.
It is easy to dismiss the necessity for air filters by writing them off as all doing the same thing, or suggesting oil and fuel filters are more important.
The oil filter’s one and only job is to clean the lubricating oil, however, it is performing this task with both hands tied behind its back if silicates are allowed into the crankcase.
Silicates which enter the engine in the form of dust particles and work their way past the pistons and rings and then contaminate the lubricating oil, can only get in via the air intake.
Oil filters, fuel filters, and air filters will always work best if they are all working together to prevent contaminants entering the engine altogether.
RYCO says its engineers share the same goals as most technicians, and that is to ensure a driver’s engine runs without issue without succumbing to a silica-induced failure.
As such, RYCO says you can protect the new car warranty of the vehicle you are servicing by using RYCO Filters*.

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